Haunted House Party 2010

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The Thank You's

The biggest thanks this year once again goes to Stantz (Ghostbuster on the right) - Frank 
he actually took off work a couple days to help - Also Spengler (Ghostbuster on the left) 
for helping with  video set up & bringing the beer pong table & also to Venkman (middle Ghostbuster) for helping with
everything for two nights.
thanks also for ridding the house of ghosts.

more thanks:
to Bill & Joan (ceiling fans) for lending me a bunch of Halloween items 



A BIG thank you to Steve, Shannon, Shannon, Ron, Cindy, John, Renee & Frank for sending pictures, 
also to Joan for taking pics with our camera. 
and Lauren, Annie, Matt & Carla for unwittingly letting me grab your photos from FaceBook.

Another thank you goes to the Gomer Pyle & Mike Holmes (Holmes on Homes) (the Tim & John band)  
Great show once again! 

Their web page: Tim & John  
These guys play all over Pittsburgh, we just saw them at Sieb's Irish Pub the other night!
You can email Tim to get show information:   SaxManTim@Verizon.net

2010 Awards

Best Costume - Academy Award (as voted by the Academy) 

Sue Sylvester, Will Schuester, Noah "Puck" Puckerman,  Brittany Pierce 
Finn Hudson, Rachel Berry,  Kurt Hummel, Tina, Mercedes Jones & Arty Abrams 
Rumor has it Finn & Rachel brought "Slushies" and were buying votes with them.

I took a few minutes while waiting for people to send in photos to make a UToob video for GLEE

I had know idea they put this much work into this, I had never even heard of Glee 




Best Costume - People's Choice Award (you guys voted for him/her) 
Serena Williams

Serena's wife asked me during the evening if there was 
any way I could help her, her husband's left boob was deflating. 

Funniest Costume - Peoples Choice Award (you guys voted for them)  
Progressive Insurance / Nationwide Insurance

OK, that really really really looks like the Progressive girl


The 2010 HHP Lifetime Achievement Award

Lydia Deetz & Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice)
When Liz and Shultz came to their first Haunted House Party (our third year)
I greeted Herman & Lilly Munster at the door.  Herman was jumping up and down, shaking his arms
&  laughing just like on the TV show, I knew they had just upped the ante for our parties thereafter.

They are the proud owners of 3 Academy Awards, 1 Best Costume Peoples Choice Award,
and 3 Funniest Costume Peoples Choice Awards.

Lot's of incredible costumes this year and only so many awards to go around!

I have noticed a few ways to get more votes:

1. Make your costume something that people know and can spell
2. Make sure to be seen
3. Get in a big group and have everyone in the group vote for you.
4. If they all fail:  beg, plead and fix the vote

the JIHMA's
(Johnny's Internet Honorable Mention Awards) 
(Pronounced Jeema) 

Ceiling Fans
Original, simple and made you think

Saved by the Bell - Kelly & Zack 
Sometimes you don't notice how great  
a costume is until you see the picture.


More Costumes
and my guesses as to what they are.
Once again we are missing lot's of pictures of costumes.
Please send your pictures, I will add them!
Coroner & Zombie         

                                     Flapper &  Alan Garner (Hangover)                 Captain Morgan & some guy riding a Ostrich                                   

                    Father Guido Sarducchi & Lady Friend                                                                 Indiana Jones & Alexander Frolov                             

Old time Pilots & Graduates                                                                                Serena Williams & Snookie

Jello Shot Victim & Michael Meyers

    The Romans                                                   <-Tension?->                                                      The Egyptians               

Bed Bug Victims                                                                            Escaped Felon

Dracula vs. the Green Giant @ Beer Pong

              A prison guard who fell in love with a convict?          Inmate & a Mexican hat dancer? (my fault)                  

                            Hub's Employee (SNL)  & Guy riding duck (again)                                                                        Jordan Staal w/Crutches                                        

 The Crew from Always Sunny in Philadelphia

                   Curt Cobain & Courtney Love                 That cop that showed up late night a few parties ago?

Nurse Nightmare, Little Mermaid & Ozzy Osbourne (I thought she was Janis Joplin all night)                 

Father James and Michael Myers (again) unmasked                                                                                        Zombies                                        

                                     Rorschach (left)                                                                                                  Rabbit & Mad Hatter                                        

 I'm clueless on who he/she was maybe 'Mickey'?? & Desert Rose (again) 

    Flapper (again) & Salt (Still looking for a pic of  pepper)            
Austin Powers & Foxxy Cleopatra                     

the Gomer Pyle & Mike Holmes (Holmes on Homes)

 Glee - Noah "Puck" Puckerman & Brittany Pierce                                        
Glee - Sue Sylvester & Will Schuester

Glee - Finn Hudson & Rachel Berry 

 Glee - Mercedes Jones & Arty Abrams

Glee - Kurt Hummel & Tina

Costume pictures we are missing: 2 Boyscouts, a Pepper shaker, a princess and a whole bunch more
  if you have any please please please send them to Ghost@HalloweenPartyZone.com   



The Party Pics



Not many people know this, but the great Egyptian kingdom was lost to insurance fraud.


They were dancing and singing and groovin' to the music...Is that Horse bustin a move?

Still not sure these qualify as costumes!



Cheeky. This explains the scratches on the car!



There is a really good story here,  believe me

Get your picture taken with Snookie


The 2010 U-toob video:
No more whamsy pansy scares next year.  
We have a whole new plan!

The Turkey this guy was riding got killed a month to early!

Hey!!!  I'm your brother for cryin' out loud!  That's it.  I'm calling mom.

Mom's not answering???  Where the heck is she???  



We found out who killed the goose.


More Awards!

The Extra Effort awards
Ceiling Fan and Father James fanning the flames
they proved that it's the effort, not the result that counts.
Yeah, the fire would have kept going if they just put the paper plates in there.

The other EE award goes to the Zombies.
When my sister tried to get everyone outside for the group picture they were the only ones who went. 
  (so this is the 2010 group picture also)

 The last award

 The FFBTA (Fastest Finish Broken Tombstone award)

 this year goes to:

  Flag Counter

Thanks again to Kim for letting me do all this crap!

Hope yins guys all had fun n'at!
See ya next year!