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A huge, huge thanks to Chris, Steve and Doug for helping set everything up!




A big thanks to:  The Skipper Johnson Band!

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Thanks also to those who sent a bunch of pics, Renee, Tammy, Lauren, Joan, Kris, Shannon and all of those I copied pics from peoples Social Media places.




Click here to view: Best Costume Winners over the years.

 2016 Academy Award Winner

Forest Gump & Lt. Dan 

(Freddie & Alison) 30 votes


2016 Peoples Choice Award Winners

    Best Costume:  Marionettes 

 Marionettes  19
Dead Bride & Groom  14
Oompa Loompa  8
Bob Ross/Hulk Hogan 5


    Funniest Costume:  Bruce & Caitlyn Gender

Bruce & Caitlyn  36 (not including stuffed ballots)
Hangover Alan  14
Pokemon & Cell Phone  6
Shark & Sharkbite 5


    Sexiest Costume:  Dolly Parton

 Dolly Parton  26  (Willie Nelson 0)
Chris Farley 12
Prince   8
About 15 people who voted for their date/spouse

Party Pictures


^David S. Pumpkins^                                                                                                      


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Once again, a big thanks to Kim for letting me do all this crap!

We still need  pictures! Please send them to:









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