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We still need pictures! Please send them to:



A huge, huge thanks to Chris and Doug for helping set everything up!




A big thanks to:  The Skipper Johnson Band!

If you get a chance, like them on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/theskipperjohnsonband


Thanks also to those who sent a bunch of pics,  Meghan, Tammy, Tait, Stash, Joan, Lauren & Renee plus all of those I copied pics from peoples Social Media places.






Click here to view: Best Costume Winners over the years.

 2015 Academy Award Winner


(Rich & Shannon)

2015 Peoples Choice Award Winners

    Best Costume:  Charlie in the Box

Charlie in the box  19
Wheel of Fortune  14
Jelly Fish  10
Mad Hatter / Operation tied 8


    Funniest Costume:  Hulk Hogan & Rowdy Roddy Piper

Hulk & Rowdy  12
Kim & Kayne  11
American Pie  8
Swedish Chef 6
3 tied with 3


    Sexiest Costume:  Fireball Dragon

Fireball  13
Harley Quinn 9
Mama's Family  8
Vanna White 6
Bacon 3


Costume stuff left this year,  claim it before someone else does!

We also have a ton of crock pots & dishes,  let us know what you brought.



Party Pictures


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Once again, a big thanks to Kim for letting me do all this crap!

We still need  pictures! Please send them to:









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